Ahoy Summer Pirates – 2021

This year we decided to choose 6 volunteers for a 4 Months summer adventure (June-September). The mission of the summer was to bring circus to various public spaces, festivals, demonstrations, refugee shelters and social institutions to share the playful vibe of creativity and community building. We publish the call and got many interests applying to join the summer adventure. After a long procedure we decided to select Jazz, Chloe, Azul, Hamza, Nelson and Dario. We had a balanced group regarding gender, circus experience, origins and cultural background.

The team turned out to be a wonderful group of individuals full of motivation, amazing talent and great feeling of community. The composition and dynamic of the group had been the most important element to make the summer this wonderful experience for everyone involved. We learned to hold the space for each others feeling, ideas and wishes and created a culture of sharing together our reflections.

The shared vision to create circus magic and hold the space for people coming  together in a creative flow of playfulness was the  wind moving  our ship through the waves of the summer.
We created with Azul supporting the professional filmmaker Altair Hernandez a documentation team who was through the summer collecting and sharing material from and about our adventures, what allowed a wider spreading of the results from the project. We also created a local support group with more than 70 people from Berlin, who joined several actions and followed our adventures as part of the wider Circus space Pirates community.  

It was a great joy and amazing learning to move through this 4 months of circus adventures together and explore the potential of transforming various public space settings with our circus flow. The supportive and trustful energy within the group was important foundation for the success of the project allowing this empowering and inspiring impact to unfold.

We are looking forward how to continue to grow the energy further through the colder months and are exiting to continue the summer adventure in 2022. THANKS EVERYONE TO CONTRIBUTE AND MAKING THIS WONDERFUL JOURNEY POSSIBLE. The movie about the summer from Altar Hernandez, supported by Azul is giving a beautiful overview of the journey.

Veröffentlicht von circusspacepirates

Circus Space Pirates Collective (www.circusspacepirates.org) – We are a group of passionate performers, educators and activists, who have all met through the berlin-based social circus actions. What started out as a small idea, has now turned into something greater, which we wish to share and invite to grow together with everyone who feels the calling to join this journey. Since March 2022 we are also supporting Ukrainian people with circus pedagogical offers at the Ukrainian border: www.mobilecircusforpeace.org

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