Mobile Circus Team for Ukraine

Facing terror and suffering of people from Ukraine, we want to support with a mobile circus team a safe space of playful encounter and strengthening of self-perception of children and young people fleeing from the war zone. We are putting together two teams: In Berlin: we want to support a space of movement and encounter„Mobile Circus Team for Ukraine“ weiterlesen

Workshops with Jazz

Working with the pirates this summer was enriching in so many ways. Collectively we created a magic that we could spread with people all over! I really enjoyed being able to develop a clowning hula hoop workshop that I facilitated in various spaces, with a variety of people in multiple cities and countries. This taught„Workshops with Jazz“ weiterlesen

CORE: Collective Responsibility through Inner Integrity

In October, after a full on Summer of adventures and challenges, the last two pirates standing were fortunate enough to be invited to the CORE training course in Poland. With autumn in full swing, we spent 10 rich and full days harvesting what we had grown over the summer. Through movement and embodiment practices, and„CORE: Collective Responsibility through Inner Integrity“ weiterlesen

A week of reflection

After a jam-packed, emotional rollercoaster of a season together with the Circus Space Pirates, it was time to say our goodbyes. Jazz had generously offered that we stay with her family in the countryside in Poland. We were so lucky to have the opportunity to reflect on our journeys surrounded by such beautiful nature, not„A week of reflection“ weiterlesen

Ahoy Summer Pirates – 2021

This year we decided to choose 6 volunteers for a 4 Months summer adventure (June-September). The mission of the summer was to bring circus to various public spaces, festivals, demonstrations, refugee shelters and social institutions to share the playful vibe of creativity and community building. We publish the call and got many interests applying to„Ahoy Summer Pirates – 2021“ weiterlesen

El día de los muertos 

La noche se aproxima!! las almas muertas se reúniran con las vivas para bailar alrededor del fuego. Este martes 2 de noviembre les esperamos en el skatepark de Hasenheide para bailar con fuego, apartir de las 7 de la noche, se les recomienda disfrazarse de almas muertas para confundirnos con ellas, de lo contrarío, ellas„El día de los muertos „ weiterlesen

Zurück zu den Wurzel Festival

We came this year twice for the “Wurzelfestival” , as it had several editions. We came to the first and the last one, so it was also a nice way to see how the festival vibe evolves there and also how we grow as a team, coming once in the beginning and once at„Zurück zu den Wurzel Festival“ weiterlesen

The road to Rostoč

This one was quite the adventure, it first started the day before. We were just finishing the extinction rebellion demonstration and needed to pack the tent away in the evening. There were several missions to do before we could pack our bags away and go to Rostoč. During the demonstration I choked on a piece„The road to Rostoč“ weiterlesen